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Hydrological Modeling
EOS/HPC-Surface Water and Energy Balance Modeling
EOS Interdisciplinary Investigation . Global Hydrologic Process and Climate: . Land Surface Water and Energy Balance Modeling . The global hydrologic cycle plays an important role in the state of the ...
Distributed Hydrologic Modeling System
Distributed Hydrological Modeling System based on a channel network routing scheme. Conceptual models or 1D models(including hydrological models and land surface parameterizations) can be linked to build a distributed model using this system.
Spatially Distributed Hydrologic modeling
INDEX General Hydrological Resources . GIS and Remote Sensing . Distributed Hydrological Models . Data Archives . Organizations and Research Groups . Governmental Agency & Lab . Professional ...
an online source for hydrological modeling
This is an online source for hydrological modeling provided in a website on Online Learning - Civil & Environmental Engineering.

Other appropriate links are: Hydrology Programs E-Books Water Resources Documents Hydraulic Structures Documents

Dr.Thian Yew Gan
Distributed hydrologic modeling, remote sensing, geographic information systems , stochastic and snow hydrology, climate change, and hydrometeorology. . Doctor of Philosophy, Water Resources & ...
Department of Bioresour ce Engineering, Hydrologic Engineering
Hydrologic Engineering . The hydrologic engineering group addresses a wide rang e of contemporary issues of water quality and quantity. The topic area focuses on simulation modeling and decision
Hydrocomp Inc. FAQS
Frequently Asked Questions . 1.What data are needed for continuous hydrologic s imulation(HFAM)? How much data are required for calibration? . In watersheds wit hout snow, the model input data are ...
Distributed Hydrologic Modeling at ORSTOM
As a part of an effort to develop new distributed hydrologic models and techniq ues, I am conducting research in spatial modeling of hydrologic processes as a i nvited research fellow at the French
HSPF Workshop Info
Hydrologic Simulation . -Workshop Information- . Hydrocomp's Hydrologic Simulation Workshop is a week-long seminar which prepares participants to model watershed processes. The workshop is
HSPF-History and Descrip tion
Hydrologic Simulation Program - Fortran (HSPF) . Overview . HSPF is a comprehen sive, conceptual, continuous watershed simulation model designed to simulate all the water quantity and water quality
Introduction to WATFLOOD
Overview of WATFLOOD Overview of SIMPLE Data requirements of WATFLOOD Recent publications related to WATFLOOD Back to WATFLOOD Homepage . Overview of WATFLOOD. WATFLOOD is an integrated set of
Hydrological Software
Internet software guide for engineers
This page was specially conceived to help water resources engineers find usefull water related software. The scientific areas covered are, mainly, hydraulics, hydrology, water resources and the environment. But, here, you will also find programming resources related with Excel, Pascal, Fortran, Visual Basic, Delphi, Javascript and Java.
Software - Hydrology
Free USGS Surface Water Analysis Software.
Software - Hydrology
Over 50 Hydrology programs on CD ROM.
Software - Hydrology
Numerical Modeling (Rivers, Lakes, Bays and Estuaries).
Software - Hydrology
Flood/Drought/Water Quality/Statistical Analysis of historical river discharge records site:
Software - Hydrology
Quick and Easy Channel and Culvert Analysis.
Software - Hydrology
Powerful and comprehensive sewer design, analysis, and management system.
Software - Hydrology
Links to Numerous Hydrology Sites.
The Watershed Modeling System (WMS)
The Watershed Modeling System (WMS) has been developed so that digital terrain models can be used to provide input to common hydrologic models such as HEC-1 and TR20. Version 4.0 of WMS includes many new tools making modeling projects simpler, and providing superior graphical output for reports.
Software - Hydrology
Software - Hydrology from HEC
Software - Hydrology
Hydrologic Software MODFLOW-GUI released from USGS.
Software - Hydrology
[Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . Hydrologic Software . ADEPT - A Program for Aquifer Data Evaluation . Arctic regions hydrologic modeling . Agrohydrological Modelling and GIS Applications .
WRCS Hydrology and Hydraulics Software
The Premiere Spot For Locating Hydrology and Hydraulics Modeling Tools . Water Resources Consulting Services . Water Resources Consulting Services, or WRCS, is a Civil Engineering Consulting firm in
Water Resources Consulting Services - Hydrology Software
The Hydrology and Hydraulics . Software Shop . This page has been referenced times since its last update on April 23, 1996. . Water Resources Consulting Services, or WRCS, is a Civil Engineering
BOSS International located in Madison, Wisconsin.
We develop and market a wide range of civil and environmental engineering software.

Hydrology or Hydrologists on Internet
Links to Other Hydrological and Related Servers
Hydrology-related internet resources page maintained by Tim Schiebe at the Eart h and Environmental Sciences Center (EESC) at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory. . Groundwater modelling page maintained
Hydrology Web: Hydrology -Related Internet Resources
Pacific Northwest Laboratory's Earth and Environmental Sciences Center publ ishes this comprehensive searchable list of hydrology links.
Miscellaneous - Hydrology
[Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . June 29, 1995: . The "Hydrology-Related Internet Resources" list, which I have been maintaining for several months, has grown to the point that
Paul Houser's Favorite Hydrology Links
Paul's Favorite Hydrology Links . General Hydrology: . The Hydrology Web . The Universities Water Information Network . The Water Web . The Hydro Web . American Geophysical Union - Hydrology
geomorphology resources
Web Resources for Geomorphologists . from the Geomorphology Lab at Miami University . General . Earth Science Index at Yahoo . Hydrology . AGU Hydrology Home Page . Hydrology Web . Hydrology List at
Eric F. Wood . E-330, E-quad . Princeton University . Princeton, NJ 08544 . Telephone: (609) 258-4675 . email: efwood@pucc.princeton.edu . Rank: Professor, Department of Civil Engineering and
Jaap Schellekens
J. Schellekens, life and works... . This homepage is an experiment, it contains some information about me and 'obscure' hydrological software. Use finger schj@flow.geo.vu.nl to get up to date
& Associates, Inc. (based in Houston, Texas) specializes in hydrology, hydraulics, and storm water issues. We provide all of the following products and services: . Seminars on Hydrology,
List Administrator - Tim Scheibe
[Back to Hydrology Page] [EESC Home Page] . Tim Scheibe . Senior Research Scientist, Hydrology . Land, Air, and Water Resources Department . Environmental Technologies Division . Pacific Northwest
Melissa's Homepage
Welcome to Melissa Hornecker's Homepage . Graduate Student, Environmental Science . Water Resources . Wife of Michael "SPIKE" Baldwin, NCEP/ EMC/ SPC visiting scientist . Mike's
FACULTY PROFILES: Surface Hydrology
FACULTY PROFILES--U. of Arizona Dept. of HWR . SURFACE HYDROLOGY . ROBERT DICKINSON, . Regents' Professor of Atmospheric Sciences and of Hydrology and Water Resources .
Richard Heggen
RICHARD J. HEGGEN . Search the Web Usenet and Display the Results in Standard F orm in Compact Form in Detailed Form . See what he looks like! . A few key words : . Ephemeral Hydrology . Flash Floods .
David Tarboton
Civil and Environmental Engineering . Utah State University . Logan, UT 84322-4 110 . Degree . Sc.D. in Civil Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology , 1990 . Research . Spatially
Don Cline' ;s Home Page
Dr. Donald W. Cline . Postdoctoral Research Associate . University of Arizona, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources , Tucson, AZ, and . University of California, Institute for Computational
Baxter Vieux's Home Page = Key Words: Hydrology, GIS, Computing, Finite ...
Visitor # . Baxter E. Vieux . School of Civil Engr. and Env. Sci. . University of Oklahoma . 202 West Boyd Street, Room CEC334 . Norman, OK 73019 . EDUCATION . Ph.D., 1988 Michigan State University .
Wilfried H. Brutsaert . Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering . 117 Hollister Hall, 607/255-3676; whb2@cornell.edu . B.Eng. 1958 (State University of Ghent, Belgium); M.S. 1960, Ph.D. 1962
The University of Arizona . Department of Hydrology and Water Resources . The F aculty and Their Interests . HWR CORE Teaching and Research . R.C. Bales, Professor; Ph.D., California Institute of
Paul Houser's Curriculum Vitae
Paul Raymond Houser . Home Address: . 7124 South Camino Triste . Tucson, Arizona 85746-7990 . (520) 578-7562 . School/Work Address: . The University of Arizona. Department of Hydrology and Water
University of Connecticut . CIVIL & ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING . OGDEN, Fred L., Ph.D. ( Colorado State University - 1992 ) . Assistant Professor . e-mail ogden@eng2.uconn.edu . Research Areas .
UA Hydrology Dept. - Land-surface hydrology Data Links
Land-surface Hydrology Data Links . Hydrology Web - "Mother of all hydrology lists" . Education | Satellite | Surface | Meteorology | Hydrology | Climate | NASA | EOS | Data Bases |
BOREAS - Hydrology Group
The BOREAS Information System . Hydrology (HYD) . HYD Objectives . The objectives of these investigations are to characterize the storage of moisture at and near the land surface, in both solid and

Institute and Research Group Related to Hydrology
EA (Environment Agency)
EA (Environment Agency)- former NRA (National River Authority)
BGS (British Geological Survey)
BGS (British Geological Survey)
Scientific and Professional Societies - Hydrology
[Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . See also Professional and Related As sociations - Geoscience Information Group . American Geological Institute . Amer ican Geophysical Union . Hydrology
National Hydrology Research Institute
Environment Canada . 11 Innovation Blvd., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA, S7N 3H5 . tel: (306) 975-5750 fax: (306) 975-5143 . The National Hydrology Research Institute (NHRI) of Environment Canada
Welcome to The Institute of Hydrology
0; URL=http://www.nwl.ac.uk/ih/advanced/index.html
Glaciology Studentship 1996
Snow Hydrology Research Group
Welcome! . The Snow Hydrology Group is part of ICESS (Institute for Computational Earth Systems Science), an organized research institute at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The primary
Introduction to the Department of Earth And Environmental Science
The New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (informally known as New Mexi co Tech) was founded in 1889 for the purpose of advancing the geological science s and mineral industries in New Mexico.
Hydrology, Fluid Dynamics & Water Resources
Group . Address . Hydrology, Fluid Dynamics & Water Resources Group . Institute of Environmental and Biological Sciences, . Lancaster University, . Lancast er LA1 4YQ, . UK. . Head of Group .
Hydrologic Research Laboratory
Home page for the National Weather Service Hydrologic Research Laboratory.
Hydrology Lab Home Page
--> . Welcome to the . Hydrology Laboratory . The Hydrology Laboratory is a research unit which specializes in the development of improved methods for predi cting water yield, evaluating the impact
Web . => Go to hypertext guide . keywords: environment, water, hydrology, hy drogeology, groundwater . compiled by: . Tim Scheibe (td_scheibe@pnl.gov) . Batt elle Pacific Northwest Laboratories .
The Hydrology/Geomorphology Research Group at OSU
The Hydrology/Geomorphology Research Group . at the Forestry Sciences Laboratory, . Corvallis, Oregon . The Hydrology/Geomorphology Research Group is a loose-knit, interdisciplinary, and
Ongoing Research
< LTER research at Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory focuses on studies along environmental gradients in space and time to examine ecosystem responses to disturbance in a landscape context. We are
Hydrological Sciences Branch
Water sustains life on Earth and ties together the Earth's land, oceans, and atmosphere into an integrated physical system. The movement of water in its various phases (gaseous, liquid, solid)
The Center for Hydrologic Science is an active group of twelve faculty engaged in a broad suite of hydrologic research. Faculty and their associated students and post-doctoral researchers are from
GLOSSARY - Hydrology and Hydrologic Processes
USGS/Cascades Volcano Observatory . Vancouver, Washington . Hydrology and Hydrologic Processes . Descriptions/Definitions . Description: Sediment Erosion, Transport, Deposition . Description: Natural
Hydrologic Science - University of California, Davis
Welcome to the Hydrologic Science Program! . Current Research . Faculty. Graduate Group . Graduate Students . We are part of the Department . Top-Level Server . Hydrologic-Science Access Statistics:
MEET THE STUDENTS - Hydrologic Science
Hydrologic Science Graduate Students . Individual HOMEPAGES are linked to the NAME. . To send E-mail, click on the icon! ALBERTSON, John D. . - Land-Atmosphere Interaction . - Surface Hydrology . -
AGU Hydrology Section Home Page
Welcome to the Hydrology (H) section's World Wide Web (WWW) homepage. Hydrology section members are concerned with the cycling of continental water (solid , liquid and vapor) at all scales, and
WMO HWRP Home Page
World Meteorological Organization . Hydrology and Water Resources Programme . Description of the programme and of its three component programmes: . Operational Hydrology Programme - Basic Systems .
The IAHS Homepage
EOS Climate & Hydrology IDS Teams
EOS Physical Climate & Hydrology Panel . Purpose . Proposed Organization . Related PCH documents . How to communicate using NASA email list-server. How this home Page was Constructed .
Climate and Hydrologic Systems
Current research projects: . Arid Regions Climate and Geochemistry . Regional Hydrological Processes . Precipitation-Runoff Modeling of Watershed Systems . Cooperative
GCES Staff
This page is currently . Glen Canyon Environmental Studies . Arundel, Terence R., Hydrologic Technician . Davis, Renee K., Student Trainee, Hydrology. Hueftle, Susan J., Hydrologist . Korn, Jeannie
The PSU and NASA/MSFC Interdisciplinary EOS Investigation
This project brings together faculty from a number of departments at the Pennsylvania State University and several scientists from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in an effort to increase our
Hydrologic Research Center(HRC)
100) { seed--; var cmd="scroll_status(" + seed + ")"; timer Two = window.setTimeout(cmd, 100); } else if (seed 0) { for (c=0 ; c . Hydrologic Research Center . A Non-Profit
Research Organizations - Hydrology
[Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . Alberta Research Council . Atlantic Geoscience Centre . Australian Geological Survey Organization . Canadian National Research Council Hydraulics Centre .
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center DAAC
The NASA Earth Observing System . Hydrologic Cycle DAAC . at the Global Hydrology & Climate Center . Huntsville, Alabama . The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) Distributed Active
Hydrology and Water Resources Department
Dept. of Hydrology and Water Resources . Welcome to the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Home Page. . From here you can get information on departmental programs, an html version of the HWR
U.S. Geological Survey in Missouri
U.S. Geological Survey . Hydrology Resources . Here are some links to national and regional hydrology resources. Many are links to more links. If you are seeki ng information about the Missouri
NERFC - Other Weather
Hydrologic and Weather Related Sites . Satellite Data . High Res Satellite Hydrology . Satellite Hydrology -Snow Cover- . GOES Images . Satellite Images from Purdue . High Resolution Satellite
Welcome to HydroWeb (tm) the web site of the International Association for Environmental Hydrology . HydroWeb is the site of the world's first electronic hydrology journal . Journal of
Hydrologic Science Program - UC Davis
HYDROLOGIC SCIENCE . University of California, Davis . At the turn of the century, the newly developed Davis Campus was soon noted for its commitment to education, research and public service related
Hydrology and Water Resources Department
Hydrology and Water Resources Department . Dept. of Hydrology and Water Resources . Welcome to the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources Home Page. . From here you can get information on

Miscellaneous - Hydrology
1:2,000,000-Scale Hydrologic Unit Maps . Table of Contents . Background Extent of Coverage Acquisition Processing Steps Data Characteristics Spatial Resolution Temporal Coverage Data Availability
Miscellaneous - Hydrology
[Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . This is where I have placed links which either do not fit into any of the standard categories, or which I have not yet had time to look at and decide where
NASA/MSFC/GHCC - Results of NASA Recon Search
Results of a NASA Recon search on selected terms . Each section below includes paper references that match the logical connective of the search terms given as headings. This is by no means a complete
Environmental Hydrology Report
ISSN 1067-3997 . Electronic information letter of the International Association for Environmental Hydrology . RADIUM IN CENTRAL FLORIDA GROUNDWATER . IN WELL VAPOR STRIPPING OF VOLATILE CONTAMINANTS
HEC - Hydrologic Engineering Center HomePage
HEC . Hydrologic Engineering Center . U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Civil Works . The Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) is an office of the US Army Corps of Engineers established to support the
Hydrologic Cycle and Climatic Processes in Arid and Semi-arid Lands
Summary of original IDS proposal . Linked list of current research topics . Near-term objectives . Profiles of C0-I's with contact information. Recent pub lications of interest . UA IDS ftp data
Related Internet Resource Lists
[Back to Hydrology Page . ] [ETD Home Page] . Online Resources for Earth Scientists from Bill Thoen and Ted Smith - See especially the Hydrology and Hydrogeology Resources section. . Getting Started
The Evolution of Hydrologic Analysis
Historically, hydrologic analysis methods have been classified as design methods or operational/forecasting methods. Modern analysis methods like continuous simulation blur the distinction between
Hydrocomp News
< NEWS . 1) THE HFAM DEMO IS NOW AVAILABLE . We have completed a "port" of our Hydrologic Forecast and Analysis System (HFAM) to PC hardware. To illust rate the power and scope of this
UA Hydrology Dept. - Land-surface hydrology Data Links
Land-surface Hydrology Data Links . Hydrology Web - "Mother of all hydrology lists" . Education | Satellite | Surface | Meteorology | Hydrology | Cli mate | NASA | EOS | Data Bases |
Hydrocomp News
NEWS . 1) THE HFAM DEMO IS NOW AVAILABLE . We have completed a "port" of our Hydrologic Forecast and Analysis System (HFAM) to PC hardware. To illustrate the power and scope of this
Hydrologic Simulation Ref erence List
Linsley and Crawford, "Computation of a Synthetic Streamflow Record on a . Digital Computer", Int. Assoc. Sci. Hydrol. Publ. 51, pp. 526-538, 1960. . Crawford and Linsley, The Synthesis of
Journal of Environmental Hydro logy
ISSN 1058-3912 . Quarterly electronic journal of the International Association for Environmental Hydrology . Go to JEH Volume 3, Number 2 (1995) . Go to JEH Vo lume 4 (1996) . 1996 access is
Global Change Research WWW Resource Pages
The following links are to pages related to global change research regarding cl imatology and hydrology. This list should by no means be considered complete. Ma ny links are to non-NASA pages and do
Flood Frequency Analysis
- . Flood Frequency Analysis, the determination of flood flows at different rec urrence intervals, is a common problem in hydrology. The standard procedure to d etermine probabilities of flood flows
Remote Sensing Soil Moisture Using Four-Dimensional Data Assimilation
NASA-MTPE Water Cycle Processes Program Project NAGW-4165 NAGW-4087 . Investigators: . Professor W. James Shuttleworth (Co-PI) . The University of Arizona . The Department of Hydrology and Water
Bibliographic Material - Hydrology
[Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . For general bibliographic searches, see CARL . Water Resources Abstracts (Searchable) . USGS Selected Water Resources Bibliography (Searchable) . Water
Data Resources - Hydrology
[Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . See also: Obtaining Hydrologic Data through the Internet from U. Texas . Arkansas-Red Basin River Forecast Center (NWS/NOAA) . Bay Area Digital GeoResource
WLH - Civil Engineering
World Lecture Hall . Civil Engineering . Engineering Hydrology . Introduction to hydrology. Quantitative aspects of processes relating to precipitation, runoff and groundwater flow are reviewed with
USGS NAWQA South Platte River Basin
U.S. Geological Survey . National Water-Quality Assessment (NAWQA) Program . So uth Platte River Basin Study . OTHER HYDROLOGIC LINKS . Updated 6/20/96 . Placem ent of these links on this page does not
Conference and Short Course Announcements - Hydrology
Conferences and Short Courses . [Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . Rece nt: . IMA/GIG Quantification and Modelling of Spatial Patterns in Permeable Rock s March, 1995 . DOE Office Information
Southern African Hydrology Resources Page
This page is still under construction . Companies . Conferences and Symposia . Courses and Seminars . Electronic Discussion Groups . Government Departments and Agencies . International hydrology web
SWRC Hydrology and Global Climate Change Research
U.S. Department of Agriculture . Agricultural Research Service . Southwest Wate rshed Research Center . 2000 E. Allen Rd . Tucson, Arizona . Some of the greates t challenges facing hydrologists today
Hydrology Programs
To the [ Main Index ] . ESFFAN (Engsoft Flood Frequency Analysis) . ESLOFFAN (E ngsoft Low Flow Frequency Analysis) . GRDC - DATABASE/CATALOGUE ( Global streamf low data, discharge data, runoff data )
Refereed Journal Articles . Farajalla, N.S. and B.E. Vieux, "Capturing the Essential Spatial Variability in Distributed Hydrologic Modeling: Infiltration Parameters," J. of Hydrological
USGS Real-Time Hydrologic Data
Links to USGS sites serving data on current streamflow conditions via satellite and modem.
USGS Florida hydrologic st udies map
Florida Hydrologic Studies . Water Resources of Florida home page . The URL for this page is < http://fl-h2o.usgs.gov/projflmp.html>. . If you have any q uestions or comments about this document
Bibliographic searches of interest in the Environment
Environmental Bibliographic Collections . This page is organized to assist hydr ologists in discovering reference information relevant to hydrology. If you find hydrologic references on the Internet
Water Resources Outr each of This Location
Outreach and Education . Posters and Charts . The Hydrologic Cycle . Ground-Wat er Cross Section . State Map with Hydrography . General Interest Publications . Hydrology Primer . Rain: A Water
Companies - Hydrology
[Back to Hydrology Page] [ETD Home Page] . See Also: . Aqua Online . Listing of Environmental Companies . Environmental Organizations Web Directory . The Environmental Professional's Home Page .
FGDC Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products - National Water Summary
National Water Summary (Report Series) . Summary . Reports provide summary hydrologic information nationally, and for each State. Each report concerns a different aspect of hydrology. . Extent of

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